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at Deer Valley Meadows Camp

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C.T.S and Science Programing

We are proud to offer schools outdoor science, and physical education units for K-12.

One Example of this is designed for the Career and Technology Studies WLD 1100& 2100: Outdoor Cooking & Theory. Our staff will travel to your school and introduce and prepare the course to your students and staff. Some time later, when the students have prepared under the supervision of a teacher, the group will travel to our camp for a two-day one-night practical outdoor cooking experience. We will provide easy to use scoring rubrics for the teacher.

A second example is the Grade 6 Science Inquiry unit. This unit is called Trees and Forests. During the time at the camp, the students will receive instruction on all curriculum outcomes for the unit, as outlined by the Alberta Program of Studies. This will be achieved in a natural, hands-on engaging, and fun learning environment. With prior consultation with our staff, our lessons are able to be adapted to meet the specific learning needs of students.

NASPNational Archery in the Schools Program

Deer Valley Meadows offers you the use of our instructor and our indoor NASP Archery lanes.

NASP was developed in the USA in 2001-2002. It came to Alberta in 2009. NASP teaches international style target archery. Teachers report that children and youth participating in the program show improved motivation, attention, behavior, and focus in other classes. A startling study shows that student attendance in school increased 76% when NASP was introduced to students! NASP is now present in over 10,000 Schools around the Globe. Alberta alone has over 100 schools with NASP currently.

canoe-boyRecreational Opportunities

The camp offers recreational opportunities as well. A few of these are:

  • National Archery in the Schools
  • rocketry for aerodynamic units
  • canoeing
  • climbing wall
  • hiking and sports for physical education
  • zip line for fun and team building!
  • orienteering
  • bush craft
  • astronomy
  • wilderness cooking for outdoor education


DVM has a variety of facilities for rent to suit large groups or small classes. Here is a short list of some of the facilities we have to offer.

  • RV Camping. DVM has nearly 100 RV sites and a dumping station
  • Wagner Auditorium. Our auditorium is available for use year round. It seats up to 400 people.
  • Dining Hall. 250 people can dine with a beautiful view of the Red Deer River Valley. The dining hall also features a comfortable fireside conference room.
  • Campfire Amphitheatres. The camp has several good campfire meeting places where groups gather for singing and cooking.
  • Kippscott Centre.This Facility serves as a small gym, is set up for floor hockey, and has basketball hoops.
  • Other Sleeping Facilities. We have more then 200 beds available year-round.